Greg Pompeo Financial

GJP Divisions of Greg Pompeo Enterprises

Our story begins with the phrase, "One entity's pain can be another's gain."

When bank owned brokerages decided that small investors and group plans did not provide enough revenues to warrant their efforts, Greg Pompeo saw an opportunity to create his own dealership. In 2006 he decided to start his own mutual fund dealership to manage the accounts bank owned brokerages thought too small to warrant their services. Although compliant to operate a dealership while still employed by the bank owned brokerage, he was given the ultimatum to either quit or close the company. He decided to quit his career as a full time broker at the bank owned brokerage and to concentrate on the niche of the banks not profitable enough small investors. This niche included Group Registered Retirement Plans.

In 2007 Greg Pompeo Enterprises registered with the AMF to operate in Quebec as a Mutual Fund Dealer. That same year Greg Pompeo Financial and GJP were created as divisions of Greg Pompeo Enterprises. With a sudden demand in the small investor market in Canada Greg Pompeo Enterprises became a member of the MFDA. Since then the company has actively managed assets in Ontario and in Western Canada.