Terry McIntyre Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated

                          Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

Terry starts his day early, reviewing investment selection or client accounts. He prides himself at knowing each of his clients well and wants to meet each of their needs. He also prides himself with the loyalty he feels for each of his clients and he receives it in return.

How does he do it?  He is truly dedicated to the art of the total client experience and as he likes to point out “the whole team is”. Terry wants to know his clients personally; their personal situation, their business, tax and investments. He discusses things on an informal level to learn their needs, goals and ambitions; finding what would allow them to enjoy their lives in the lifestyle they wish.

“With this intimate knowledge, we can craft your investments to truly meet your needs” and with this close relationship the team is kept aware of changes in client’s lives and circumstances. This allows them to pro-actively keep ahead of adjustments that need to be made.

The office of Manulife Securities he works in is very unique. “We meet every Tuesday to review investment, tax and portfolio strategy. The independent talent and vast background of the advisors is what makes this experience a plus for all our clients. It is a proper boutique setting that is rarely found in today’s advisor offices. The independence afforded through Manulife Securities and the Tuesday morning meetings allows us access to a larger range of products and better solutions for our clients”.

At least one money manager is brought in each week to the Manulife office, allowing Terry  to personally meet with any Portfolio Managers directly that he invests in for his clients. It also helps him to weed many out.

Even though Terry has been in the investment industry for over 35 years, he continues to grow and has just become a Certified Retirement Specialist to better serve his clients.


Cathie Romphf   Investment Associate

Cathie starts her day even earlier than Terry and wants to make sure they are ahead of the client’s expectations. She is extremely committed to the client experience. Cathie wants every client to have what they want, when they want and to never have to think about the administration of their portfolio. More importantly she is qualified as both an investment and insurance associate, being able to back Terry up in all aspects of the client experience.

Cathie has been in the industry for over 30 years and has earned the designations FCSI, FMA and most recently CRS.

Cathie states that “we believe in the whole client experience that can only be achieved at a firm that recognizes and supports the advisor in giving independent advice”.


Cheryl McIntyre   Administrative Assistant

Cheryl started her work career as a banker before moving on to work with autistic children. She joined the team when they decided to work at a truly independent industry channel at Manulife Securities. She continues to grow by increasing her involvement in the daily administration as well as dropping by clients homes for any quick administrative needs such as signatures on forms, or to pick up contributions. She works a very flexible schedule to meet the client’s needs. “This is part of our total client experience.  We want things to be as convenient and stress free as we can make it for our clients”