Personal Benefits – a new twist on Employee Benefits!

Now in tandem with your benefits program you can offer Personal Life and Personal Critical Illness coverage to your employees. Personal Benefits provides affordable, portable coverage without your company having to bear the cost of administration and billing.

With Personal Benefits, your employees can purchase optional coverage and they make the payments directly to Manulife through our easy payment options. Since the plan member enters into the Personal Benefits contract directly with Manulife, coverage continues even if there is a change in employment and the coverage details remain completely confidential.

Personal Benefits are a simple and effective way to offer value without creating overhead for your business.

For more information, please contact us or click here to download a brochure on Personal Benefits.


*Personal Benefits are offered through Manulife Financial (The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company).

Group Retirement | Deferred Profit Sharing Plans


  • A Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) helps plan members save for retirement by deferring income tax on their contributions and savings growth. Employees' contributions are deducted from their taxable income, reducing the income tax they pay. Income earned within a RRSP, including interest, dividends and capital gains, is not taxed until the money is withdrawn.

  • A RRSP is not subject to pension standards legislation; however, the plan must be registered with CRA.

  • We are able to work alongside all fund companies as well as our own Group Platform.

  • A Manulife Group RRSP offers lower investment management fees (IMFs) than those of individual savings products. As well, Manulife offers access to leading fund managers not generally available to individual investors, plus a diversified fund line-up.

  • Manulife offers several Group RRSP options – including FutureStepTM, a savings plan geared to small and medium-sized businesses.

Group Benefits


For most entrepreneurs, running their own business can be a personally satisfying experience, but not without its challenges. Small business owners, in particular, worry about attracting the talent they need to succeed, as experienced people are hard to find and entice away from bigger companies. Offering the same perks can be a stretch for many small business owners who grapple with tight budget constraints. For the employee, a salary increase is impacted up-front by a variety of payroll taxes and employee income taxes. However, with a group benefits plan, employees in all provinces except Quebec receive health and dental benefits tax-free and employer contributions are deductible as a business expense.

What's in it for the Employer?

A cost-efficient method of providing plan members and their families with medical coverage and financial protection; a competitive edge in the job market - help attract and retain loyal employees, reduce turnover; a tax deduction; enhanced productivity, help reduce lost-time with a healthy workforce; helps to build employee morale; a program that is easy to understand and administer;fast and fair claims services, and prompt and friendly customer service assistance

What's in it for the Employee?

Sense of security, less worry about medical and financial matters; meaningful incentive to join and stay with a company; affordable coverage solution, and premiums paid are non-taxable.