Retirement Red Zone

This stage could be described as the 5-7 years prior to your retirement and a few years into your actual retirement. Your retirement portfolio should be adjusted and consolidated in such a way that it will be appropriately controlled and become even more tax efficient if possible.

Your children may be married and have possibly presented you with grandchildren, once again changing your focus. This is a time to review your will, to verify the needs that you and possibly your spouse share ensuring that your objectives are line with the manner in which you transfer your estate. The transfer of your estate to your beneficiaries in a fair and tax efficient manner is now your priority.

Here's how we can help;

* Consolidation of assets for an efficient retirement income payout.

* Tailoring your investments in preparation of your retirement income.

* Tax effective withdrawal of income from available sources.

* Assistance with health benefit planning.

* Pension Income splitting.

CPP (Canada Pension Plan)

OAS (Old Age Security)

* Estate Planning