What Our Clients Are Saying....

Jim Colton

"About 35 years ago when I left my previous career to return to school my parents recommended Jim Colton as a financial advisor.  Throughout the last three decades Jim's financial advice and recommendations have stood up well and without question proved beneficial in the long run.  Services and guidance, options and considerations were greatly appreciated. As a family we have financially grown and benefited from his experience and wisdom.  More recently, Emily seamlessly took over with quiet, effortless confidence, and that same knowledge base. As my wife and I prepared to move forward with retirement plans we continue to count on Colton Avery Deacon for financial guidance". ​  

Michael & Susan Pranschke

"I met Jim Colton in the mid 80s. I was young, newly married and Jim was starting out in this business. Quite frankly , I had no interest in finance, so Jim and my husband managed our investments. 

Fast forward 28 years, life changes and I had to become involved. It was a frightening time for me and a lack of knowledge and control regarding my finances only heightened my fear and anxiety. Jim very calmly went over all of my investments . He offered me the education that I needed to understand my portfolio. This took many meetings and phone calls over the years.He went beyond that and helped me plan for my retirement years before I retired. We made a renovation list "use working dollars to renovate not retirement dollars" and he always asked me where I was on my list. I make an annual spread sheet of all of my expenses . I became very aware of my financial plan.

In the last 14 years Jim has taught me how to enjoy my financial planning ,manage my anxiety about money and get on with life! Emily Colton started working with me about a year before I retired, encouraging me to set a date and when I finally did ,we set a financial plan for the next phase of my life. I have now been retired almost five months. Emily checks in regularly. We have already made minor changes and all is good.

Having Emily and Jim on my team is great! Grateful! Thanks!"

Colleen Kenney

Emily Colton

"We have been dealing with Emily since she started with Colton Avery Deacon. We find Emily very professional, but also approachable and down to earth, easy to contact ,forth coming with options, very pleasant, positive and patient. Thanks Emily!"

John Millar

"I reached out to Jim to help us sort out my investments and insurance needs for my family. As Jim semi-retired Emily seamlessly stepped in and has been working with us ever since. I was pleased that their company had a succession plan in place. I feel comfortable with Emily's knowledge and expertise. She is very professional and takes the time to understand my personal situation. I look forward to working with Emily for her ongoing financial advice for myself and my family."

Nancy Horricks