‘Over the last 30 years we have had three previous advisors, none of them came close to Brian Kerr at GroupOne Wealth Strategists. He will be our last investment advisor.

George and Bea Moxham – clients since 2002


We’ve been working with Brian for 10+ years and it’s been a very rewarding time - both financially and personally. We have never, in that whole time, ever felt that Brian had anything but our best interest in mind. He is diligent, completely trustworthy, fair and patient. Brian’s knowledge of the financial planning business, the market and the investment products is second to none. What sets Brian apart from other financial advisors is the time Brian takes to get to know his clients and their families so he can deliver custom-made, top-notch service. And he delivers!

One of Brian’s greatest contributions to our financial security was working with us to define our retirement goals and then, working backwards, develop our long-range investment strategies and short range execution plans. This approach, coupled with regular personal check-ups to monitor our progress and make refinements, has allowed us to live worryfree knowing our future was well managed - even through market corrections.

Brian has become a good friend as well as a trusted and knowledgeable financial advisor and we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Brian to anyone who is interested in building financial security for their future.

Brian and Patricia Purcell - Calgary Alberta,  2012


 I have been a client of Brian's for the past 20 years. During that time Brian's knowledge of Financial Markets, investments, and Long Range planning has exceeded my expectations. Brian is hardworking, honest and caring. He will sit down and talk with you at anytime.

I would and have recommended Brian to my family and friends.

Wayne McMahon - Kelowna B.C. 2015


Brian has been my financial advisor for the past 15+ years. He has proven to be very knowledgeable in assisting clients reach their financial and retirement goals. In order to create a plan based on my short and long term goals, he took the time to know me on a personal level.

I now feel financially secure, due to Brian's industry knowledge, timely changes to my investments, and well planned reviews.

Howard Butt - Newfoundland and Labrador 2015


Approximately 20 years ago was the start of the alleviation of my fears of having to push a shopping cart in my senior years. What happened?? We met Brian Kerr.

Brian has become not only our trusted financial advisor, but also a good friend. Over the years, he has successfully advised us as to how to invest our funds in order to maximize our investments, and to secure our financial stability in our senior years.

We now are able to enjoy our retirement, secure in the knowledge that we will have enough money to travel as long as we are able, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Al and Karen Miller - Kelowna B.C. 205