"Lois Warren is exceptional as an insurance broker."
  - Richard Sutin
 Dentons LLP

Case Study One: "Trusted Advisor"

Many of Lois’ clients are the result of other lawyer referrals. One such client didn’t think he needed any more insurance. “I thought I had what I needed,” he says. “Then she pointed out all the things I had that were not that beneficial and where she could do better.” He was immediately impressed by her thorough fact-finding and information gathering, presented in a clear, concise chart: what he had versus what others were offering, as well as costs. “I could see how I was not being serviced the way I should be,” he says.

Her clear, analytic approach appeals to him – and others in the legal profession, he says. “As a lawyer, that’s what you do – you analyze and approach things from an intellectual perspective. And when you present that way, you’re presenting to your audience exactly the way they approach issues and problems themselves.” He ended up switching products to another insurance company with coverage better suited to him, and has since referred her to several colleagues.