Option #1 – Full Analysis

Your Financial Perspective… let’s get started!

Just like a doctor needs to know your complete medical history and symptoms before making a medical diagnosis, we need to be familiar with your complete financial history in order to provide you with a sound financial analysis for the future.


Background Information for Getting Started

The first meeting will serve as a fact finding session. We will be asking a lot of questions of you to find out your Financial and Tax needs and goals which will help in creating your initial plan. The initial plan is presented to you at the second meeting. We will go over all aspects of this plan and show you how we can help you reach your Financial and Tax goals. This written plan is yours to take home. 

At the third meeting we will begin to implement the plan.


Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans (Group RRSPs)

Group RRSP’s are an employer-sponsored savings program, approved by the Canada Revenue Agency that permits tax deferred saving for retirement purposes. Contributions to a RRSP are tax deductible, and earnings on contributions are sheltered from taxes until they are withdrawn. Employers may wish to enhance the value they provide to employees by offering a Group RRSP in addition to, or in the place of a Group Pension Plan.


Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plans (RPPs)

Defined Contribution Plans are usually established by an employer on behalf of its employees to provide for their retirement years. With a defined contribution plan, the amount of the employer and employee contributions is fixed while the savings are accumulating. The actual value of the pension is not known until retirement.


Non-registered Savings Plans (NRSPs)

Non-registered Savings Plans (NRSPs), are a type of saving vehicle that an employer may establish where employee and/or employer contributions are made on an after-tax basis. This type of plan may be attractive to employers who want to offer another savings vehicle to members who have reached their limit for registered investments.


Group Benefit Packages

A well designed group benefits package helps to attract and retain quality people, as part of a corporate compensation package. Benefit packages typically cover a portion of your day to day medical expenses not covered by OHIP. Benefits programs should provide risk management combined with cost containment, features that make best use of dollars being spent. The vast array of options can seem mindboggling, but rest assured there is a program out there for you.


Life Insurance
Critical Illness
Disability Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance