Permanent life insurance can provide financial security for your family plus tax-advantaged investing opportunities for you.

With permanent life insurance plans, part of the premium you pay helps accumulate savings on a tax-deferred basis. The best part is you can usually access this cash at any time, for any reason.* For example, the money can be used to help pay for your child’s education, to help cover your household expenses if you lose your job, or to supplement your retirement income.
* There may be tax implications if you withdraw money from your policy and it could reduce your insurance coverage.

Choose a permanent life insurance plan that offers guarantees.

All permanent life insurance plans provide financial protection that remains in force throughout your lifetime, as long you pay your premiums as stated in the policy. However, some plans offer more guarantees than others. Manulife Financial offers the most comprehensive range of life insurance products that provide permanent protection and, depending on the plan you choose, offer you a wide variety of guarantees, including guaranteed cash value.

Choices for permanent insurance include: 

  • Whole Life insurance policies and
  • Universal Life policies.

Stan can help you determine which one is right for you.

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