Term insurance can often be the best choice of life insurance protection since it can meet your needs now and fit comfortably within your budget. Term insurance can be used to pay off your mortgage or debts and provide money for your children’s education. Family Term may be the perfect solution to protect you and your family.
And, unlike traditional term plans, you save by having one plan to cover your entire family.

You might not know it but Term Insurance costs have actually DECREASED over the last 5 years. Stan can provide you with a new term policy quote that will probably save you a fair bit of money every month you own the policy. Call today to see how much you can save.

Term also provides the following benefits:

  • Flexibility to change as your needs change!
  • Easy to understand!
  • Build the plan you need:

Term provides insurance for the duration you select and your costs remain the same for this period. Coverage can be renewed and future rates are guaranteed. You can choose one or more of the following life insurance coverage periods in the same plan to meet your specific needs:




  • Additional protection

At no extra cost

  • Payment for bereavement counselling for your family.
  • In case of terminal illness, you may be able to obtain an advance on a portion of the death benefit

You can also choose to purchase the following options

  • Affordable protection for your children, including the option to purchase new life insurance when they become adults, regardless of their health, as well as critical illness insurance by answering two qualifying questions
  • Premiums payable for insurance and rider coverages waived by the insurer if you become disabled
  • Coverage for serious injuries or accidental death
  • A guarantee that you can purchase life insurance in the future without providing the normally required evidence that you are insurable

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